Nevermore 2016

Carolina Theater neonThe Carolina Theatre is my favorite spot in downtown Durham, so it was no hardship to spend way too much time there during last weekend's Nevermore Film Festival.

I'll be posting about my favorite of the feature length films later this week, but I liked most of the shorts that I was able to squeeze in. My favorites were:

This story about sleep paralysis was the scariest thing I saw all weekend.

Night of the Slasher
This one treads familiar horror/comedy ground, but the smart in-jokes worked for me. It was great to see with a crowd of genre fans.

The Trap
A perfectly paced story about a man who shows his latest invention to a friend. The tone managed to be both chilling and fun.

A Way Out
This is a tight little crime drama about a gangster who wants to retire. I liked that it relies entirely on writing and acting rather than an elaborate setup.

The Stomach
A reluctant medium and his brother are drawn into another family's troubles. It was creative and beautifully gross.

photo by Jeffrey L. Cohen, used under Creative Commons

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