There Are Green Things In My House

I'm not good with plants.

All they really need is water, sunlight, and an occasional repotting, but the simplicity of that routine has never helped any plants unfortunate enough to come home with me. So I'm not quite sure how this happened:

This is one of the three succulents that I got awhile back. I call them my monster plants. Not only are they still alive after a month and a half in my care, the little suckers are growing.

It's not some midlife onset of a green thumb; I bought a few other plants since then that are barely limping along. I've already managed to kill the cilantro. But all of my monster plants look more or less healthy.

I'm sure a big part of it is that succulents don't need to be watered very often. Our new house is also the sunniest place I've lived in years thanks to a tree-filled lot that doesn't make me insist on sealing up the blinds to create a murky privacy cave.

I don't know if these little guys will be able to stay healthy in the long run, but it's encouraging, just for once, to not immediately kill something green.

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