Three Months Without Buying Books

I have a lot of books, you guys. I still have a lot of books, even after giving away and donating about half my collection when we moved into a much smaller place.

And now we're on the move again. I'm weeding through them one more time, packing and sorting and revisiting half-remembered plots to try to decide if I really do need to keep each one forever. Getting rid of so many books at once was strange but also liberating, and I've only truly missed a tiny fraction of that pile.

Packing has made me realize how many books I already own that I haven't gotten around to yet. The vintage set of Robert Louis Stevenson that I got for a steal from a oddly located "books and weird stuff" shop. That copy of the Bounty Trilogy from the last library book sale. The handful of used books I picked up on my last mini-vacation.

So I haven't bought a book in two weeks. I'm not getting any more until January, even though that means skipping this weekend's library sale. I'm going to borrow new releases from the huge library that I'll live near soon, work through some of my current to-reads, and maybe grab a few free ebooks along the way.

Of course other people are more than welcome to buy me books, and I'll probably pick up a few to give as holiday gifts. So maybe I should stop by that library sale after all...

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