House Hunting

I've spent a lot of time browsing real estate sites in recent weeks, and they are amazing.

The biggest surprise has been how many listings have terrible photos. If the house is full of clutter that makes me think it doesn't have enough storage. If the pictures are dark that makes me worry about a lack of natural light. If half the images are blurry, then I wonder if the owner was as lax about upkeep as they were when picking an agent who thinks autofocus is for overachievers. Some of these assumptions are probably unfair, but why would we schedule a showing at a place we're not excited to see?

I love the enthusiasm that comes across in real estate listings. Sometimes that's obvious in the photos too, usually in the form of dramatic filters or wide lenses that make the rooms look just a little too impossible to be comfortable. But my favorite parts are the descriptions, exclamation points and all.

Home listings can make almost any issue sound like a charming feature. "Convenient location on the busiest street in the city!" "Unpermitted addition provides extra storage!" "At least the dinky kitchen has granite counters!"

At this point I wouldn't be surprised to see "There are no ghosts, we promise!"

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