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Any scrap of free time in a city means I'll be pawing through the local bookshops, so last Friday's morning in Richmond left me with copies of Count Magnus and Other Ghost Stories and The Ice Balloon to be added to my overlong to-read list. I also found a new Sabatini book.

Rafael Sabatini is one of those authors who published both before and after 1923, which means that some of his books are public domain (and available in free ebook editions) while the rest are only available to those of us willing to hunt down a bunch of old hardcovers.

His two or three most popular books sometimes turn up in used shops. They're also usually included in any ebay lots of Sabatini books, which is why I have three copies of Captain Blood in my apartment right now. But on Friday I came across an old copy of Chivalry, complete with its original dust jacket, that needed to come home with me.

When I visit a used book shop, I usually wind up with things that I wouldn't otherwise have heard of. That's always fun, and I've discovered some great authors that way. But it's also really great to stumble across things that were already on my wishlist.

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