Queries and Rejection

Since I started querying, I've been getting rejection letters.

It's not exactly surprising. No story is going to click with everybody, which is a fact I'm reminded of every time I give up on some highly recommended read. And condensing all my awesome into one concise query is a skill I know I haven't mastered yet.

The part that did surprise me is that those "thanks but no thanks" replies aren't as soul-crushing as I'd been expecting. (It probably helped that the first one was very kindly worded.) I was assuming that the first few form letters would wreck me. Sometimes it's nice to be wrong.

My query hasn't caught an agent's eye yet. It doesn't mean that I'm a terrible writer who's wasting her time, and it doesn't mean that they're heartless monsters out to trample on my dreams. It just means we aren't going to work together.

I'm going to keep tweaking my letter and sending it around. With a little luck I'll come across someone who's gonna fall for my characters. If things don't work out, then I guess I'll have to start the process over with my next book.

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