Nevermore 2014

I've been catching scary movies at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, NC since their first Retrofantasma screening back in the '90s, so it was great to be able to travel down for the Nevermore Film Festival.

The highlight was watching William Castle's The Tingler along with a packed audience and a couple of special effect surprises.

I also really enjoyed many of the short films we saw. The best of that bunch included:
  • Til Death - a dark comedy about four unhappy husbands that was easily the funniest thing we saw all weekend
  • Miskatonic University - which impressed me despite my long track record of being picky about Lovecraft-inspired flicks
  • The Other Side - about a lit student on the trail of a fantasy novelist who was obsessed with finding a magical world
  • The Crimes of All Hallows Day - the true-life introduction, language barrier gags, and gross-out motive worked well together
In terms of feature-length movies, I liked The Last Days on Mars, which is bringing space monsters back. I'd also really recommend Grand Piano, a smart thriller about a concert pianist who, just before the biggest concert of his life, is given a score that reads "Play one wrong note and you die."

There were misses as well, like the promising survival story that spent its final scenes beating its premise to death. Some of the shorts also skimped on plot in favor of showing off makeup or camera techniques. The overall experience was great though, and I'm hoping to be able to visit again next year.


  1. Hi. Jason Tostevin from 'TIL DEATH here. Just wanted to say thanks for watching, and double thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated.

    1. Hey, congrats on winning the audience award!

  2. Sounds like you were part of helping us win. :)


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