Tunes For Tuesday: My Assassin

The heroine and the antagonist in my book are wildly different people. She's a sneaky socialite with modest combat skills, and he's a hardened mercenary whose favorite method of communication is the vaguely menacing threat. But they do have a motivating factor in common.

Both are wildly protective of anyone that they feel a duty to. Both think that they'd do absolutely anything for those they care about. But while my heroine would take extreme personal risks on behalf of her friends, there are still acts she would balk at.

If my antagonist ever had those lines in the sand, he crossed them when he took up his position. He doesn't flinch anymore. He has his own standards of honor; they just revolve around what he owes to himself and his people. Everyone else worth his time is either a tool or an obstacle, and that categorization can shift without much notice.

The two of them are going to have an interesting relationship.

[The original video includes the entire album. As it's displayed here, it should be cropped to the length of the one song, But in case YouTube changes their embed code once again, My Assassin starts at 29:22.]

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