Confession Time

At some point in the last few months I've become a romance reader.

It started when I began to tire of the standard historical mystery pattern. I'd fall hard for the settings and characters, then grind my teeth over the sleuth's tendency to prod at their suspects long enough to make themselves the next target. Solving crime by annoying the murderer seems to be highly effective, but it puts all that other great drama on the back burner.

I was constantly left wishing that these mysteries would put more emphasis on the character relationships. Then it finally occurred to me that, rather than hoping my mysteries would crank up the romance, I should just pick up some romances.

My early exposure to the genre was all in the form of those older novels with questionable consent. And while I knew that they'd moved on from those days, the romance books are all shoved off into their own sections of bookshops and libraries. It was easy to pass them by. Of course now that I'm swiftly becoming a bit of an addict, that also makes it easy for me to browse for new titles...

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