Halloween Reads 2013

Here are a few short, spooky suggestions for the season:

The Bloody Chamber, by Angela Carter

The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories If I'm sometimes picky about fairy tale retellings, it may be because this collection sets such a high bar. Dark and dreamlike, violent and packed with sensual detail, these stories still feel as refreshing now as they did when I first read them over a decade ago. The prose manages to be both tight and evocative, and the plots give us a few shocking role reversals. It's seriously good stuff.

When Will You Rise, by Mira Grant

When Will You Rise: Stories to End the World This hardcover includes a novella set in the Newsflesh world as well as an unrelated short story. Both stories are also available as ebooks. They're fast, chilling reads that would work as a good introduction to the author's addictive style of apocalyptic mayhem. Mira Grant is a pseudonym of Seanan McGuire, and if you haven't tried either her horror or her kick-ass urban fantasy work, you're missing out.

The Stepford Wives, by Ira Levin

The Stepford WivesWhile the details may seem dated, this story of a dangerously artificial suburb is still a solid, creepy read. Stepford is a place where appearances matter more than substance, and control is valued above all. The men behind the town's big secret aren't outwardly monsterous, but the depth of their selfishness and betrayal puts them firmly on the list of horror's all-time assholes.

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