Reunion and Road Trip

I just got back to town after being gone for a week, and the past few days have felt like a vacation from my vacation. It's kind of amazing how many things we managed to squeeze in during one trip.

We started out by going to North Dakota, where my mom grew up. I hadn't visited in about ten years, and my husband had never been. It was four solid days of bonfires, German food, and whispered rounds of "Who is that, and how are they related to us?" We ate fresh-baked bread every day and tried a lot of regional beers that aren't distributed down south. There was a dance party on the last night. It may have involved the Hokey Pokey.

On the advice of a cousin, we adjusted our post-reunion route to include The Enchanted Highway, which is a lonely stretch of road livened up by huge metal sculptures. Despite the best efforts of camera-attacking bugs, Jim got this shot of Metal Outline Teddy Roosevelt.

The Enchanted Highway: Teddy Rides Again

Against that cloudy sky, he reminds me of coloring book art.

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