The Move Is Over

After weeks of furious sorting, packing, and hauling, we're officially done with moving. I gave away or donated at least half of my books, which was less panic-inducing than I thought it would be. Some of our furniture, kitchen stuff, and assorted junk also didn't make the trip, and as I look at the boxes of things left to be put away I'm starting to think that I could stand to shed just a little more of our baggage.

In the new neighborhood I can actually walk to things, which is a living situation I haven't had in far too long. I miss our friends and some of our hangout spots already, but thankfully we haven't gone beyond the reach of occasional weekend visits.

Between settling in to our new digs and the upcoming rush of holiday prep, my writing time will be more limited than I'd like. But now the desk is separated from the main living area, and I'm hoping that will cut down on distractions once I get it clear of all these boxes.

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