Bad Book Luck

I've never considered myself a choosy reader. I like classics, mysteries, sci-fi, and fantasies of all stripes. I can typically lose myself in a novel as long as there's one really interesting aspect of a character, setting, or story that catches my attention.

That's why I've been so surprised by the number of books I've given up on in the past month. I stopped reading a mystery that failed to build any tension, a historical about people who sat around telling each other the plot, and a fantasy whose third person narration included so much overtly sexist nonsense that I was tempted to fill it with margin notes and mail it back to the author.

I started to wonder if I'm getting pickier, but considering that me and escapist fluff are still on great terms overall I don't think that's the case. My guess is that since I've had less reading time recently, I'm finding it a lot easier to drop books that I'm not enjoying. I used to be one of those "plow through until the end" types, so this is an interesting change.

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