Magic Kingdom

We got to stay for a late night at the Magic Kingdom, which meant reasonable waits for even the popular rides. We also caught a sneak peek of the new Fantasyland before its official opening day, there's a new Little Mermaid ride and an interactive show that lets young children act out a story with Belle.

The updates to Haunted Mansion are great, and it was nice to see that the Treehouse and Tiki Room had been restored to their original versions. The changes to Pirates of the Caribbean were mostly good additions, though it seemed like some of the movie-related dialogue made it harder to hear the important part, the "Yo Ho" song.

My favorite ride is probably Thunder Mountain Railroad, so I was glad we got to do it twice. Because of nostalgia, I'm sad to say that the Jungle Cruise is the thing I'd least mind skipping on our next visit. It's a good ride, but no Jungle Cruise guide will ever live up to the one we lucked into for an adults-only boat on my one visit to Disneyland.

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