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With all the recent discussion about photo copyright and using images in blog posts, I thought I'd share how I handle photos and other images here.

I freely use things like book covers, movie posters, and similar kinds of promotional images. If I'm reviewing the book or mentioning my interest in it, then I consider posting its cover an example of fair use.

When it comes to photos, I often use my own. If I ever post a photo and don't credit someone else with the image, then it's usually mine. (In some cases, it may be by a friend or family member who gave me permission to use it.) I don't bother pointing this out every time, but those photos are considered copyrighted and you have to contact me for permission before using them.

Sometimes I use photos from Flickr or other image sites. I look for things that have been posted with a Creative Commons license, which means the rights holders have agreed to let others make limited use of their work. When I use an image that has a Creative Commons license, I credit its creator at the bottom of my post and link to the license they chose for the image.

It's important for bloggers to educate themselves a little on copyright issues. Most of us would be rightfully upset if someone re-posted our words without our knowledge or permission, so we should never assume that photographers and graphic artists feel differently about having their work copied.

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