I Don't Sleep When Rovers Are Awake

the shadow of CuriosityToday will be very draggy thanks to the landing of NASA's Curiosity rover. I've been rover-crazy for years, so even though it touched down after 1:30am eastern, I couldn't miss the live stream.

After the landing and the cheering and the first exciting images, the folks on the NASA feed settled back down to work. That would have been a great time for me to drift off to sleep and dream exciting dreams about space robots trundling around on alien soil while making happy little beeping noises at each other.

Instead, I started wondering if earth germs could have survived the journey through space to beat us humans to Mars. Then I got really jealous of all the folks who worked on the project, because you know that even the people who didn't directly put it together probably managed to sneak in and pet the rover, so they touched something that's now touching Mars.

By the time I tried to work out the general layout of the asteroid belt and how thick it might be, I knew that my cheerful robot dreams weren't starting any time soon. I got up, wrote for a bit, then stumbled off to bed. The unfortunate side-effect of totally exhausting myself and then passing out is that, if I have any dreams in that state, I never remember them.

I bet they were cool, though.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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