The Rewriting Question

I've been editing and rewriting sections of my manuscript, and the process brings me back to one question over and over again:

Is this boring?

There are a lot of ways to get at the answer. Does a particular scene serve enough purpose to justify its page count? Is a passage draggy because I included too much backstory? Does this character really need to be in that part? Are all the words in a longish sentence really important?

I've spent all my recent writing time with questions like these, but they mostly filter down to whether or not something is boring. Every unnecessary moment or detail in a story runs the risk of making it duller.

That's why I'm starting to get excited about the upcoming prospect of sending the draft around to my beta readers. I'm trying to approach all this editing with a sense of detachment, but I'm close enough to the story that I know my judgement is suspect.

Something I see as interesting could have to be rewritten or scrapped. My characters may not come across as I'd intended, or my plot might have gotten muddy. Thankfully I've got some folks lined up who will tell me what works, what's unclear, and most importantly of all, what's boring.

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