You Should Read Raymond Chandler

Raymond Chandler's books have this way of getting into your head.

He wrote seamy LA detective stories that had a huge influence on crime fiction, though I'd recommend them even to folks who aren't typically interested in hard-boiled mysteries. His plots wander at times, but I find it difficult to care.

Reading Chandler is like jumping in the deep end of a pool filled with liquid style. The books have atmosphere, snappy dialogue, and a dry, dark humor that's easy to love. His books (and the movies they spawned) have been imitated and parodied over the years, but they still feel fresh to me.

If you haven't tried Chandler yet, these are the first four Philip Marlowe books:

      The Big Sleep (Philip Marlowe, #1)   Farewell, My Lovely (Philip Marlowe, #2)   The High Window (Philip Marlowe, #3)   The Lady in the Lake (Philip Marlowe, #4)

Pick one up on your next visit to the library. The film adaptation of The Big Sleep (starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall) is also very good.

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