This Week in Links | June 29, 2012

Here are some links that I saw this week:
  • A Book Written in Disappearing Ink
    As someone who's bought plenty of books only to have them wait around unread, this is a lovely, attention-grabbing idea. As someone fond of re-reading, it would frustrate me to need to find and buy new copies of any stories I wanted to revisit.
  • The Greatest Female Sci-fi/Fantasy Writers of All Time
    I don't want to discount the work of any of the women mentioned here, but it's hard for me to agree that very recent authors or those who haven't written much genre fiction fit in a "greatest of all time" context quite yet. The list is a great source for anyone looking for recommendations though, especially if you glance through the additional authors suggested in the comments.
  • Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor
    This collection of heroines looks tough, capable, and attractive. Best of all, they're much more likely to survive a shot to the midriff than the chainmail bikini set.
  • New Mexico mom jailed for overdue 'Twilight' library book
    I like to think that there are no book police, but apparently I'm wrong.

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