Off the Road Again

Last weekend we took a road trip. We visited a model train display, a couple of caves, and an exhibit about Mammoths at the US Space & Rocket Center. We ate (and drank) in local spots, stopping in the downtowns of the cities we passed through rather than fast-fooding it off highway exits.

We saw the grave of a monkey astronaut and learned why it's a bad idea to have a bar down in a cave. We stumbled on the Hoggle puppet from Labyrinth, who has somehow ended up in an Alabama unclaimed baggage store. I picked our Saturday night dinner spot because I liked the sound of the name, and I ended up really enjoying the place's atmosphere. The women's restroom in a different bar had me laughing at the questions that followed an especially persistent graffiti writer.

Since we didn't have any folks to meet up with or timed events planned, we could wander around with nobody to please but ourselves. It turns out that tactic leads us to geeky tourist activities and casual hangouts with long beer lists, and I'm good with that.

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