(More) Study Hall with Maria V. Snyder

As I explained in last week's Poison Study post, I've got a special copy of Maria V. Snyder's first book that she marked up as part of a charity fundraiser. It's got more highlights and interesting tidbits than I can share in just a few scans, so here's a list of some other things mentioned in the notes:
  • Ixia has six seasons.
  • Maria's habit of cliffhanger chapter endings was influenced by mystery author Dick Francis.
  • Irys was originally named Petal, but Maria's writing group thought that sounded too Disney.
  • The description of cacao pods (on page 178 of the Mira paperback) was cited in a textbook on chocolate.
  • Maren's name came from combining Maria's name with her sister Karen's.
  • Maria likes using animal analogies, and she sketched a bug, a fish, and a butterfly in the margins.
And here are the last four scans that I made from the book:

(All of the images above link to larger, more legible copies.)

Big thanks to Maria V. Snyder for giving me the okay to share these scans, and keep in mind that she did all this in the first place to raise money for First Book, a children's literacy charity. If you're a Poison Study fan and enjoyed this look behind the scenes, please visit their website and think about giving what you can.

(The other four scans taken from this copy are in my first Study Hall post.)


  1. Thanks for posting these! I'd forgotten about this book and it's cool to see it again. It was fun doing it - I'll have to do another one :)

    1. While it was tough deciding what pages to share, it was also a nice distraction while waiting on that next Avery book!

  2. I really enjoyed these, thanks!

  3. Awesome - thanks so much!


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