out of town again

a view of downtown Washington, DC
I recently spent some time in DC, so I thought that this week I'd share some of the interesting things I saw or learned about there.

One of the things I love about travel is that you're exposed to a whole different set of places to eat and drink. I do my best to avoid big chains unless we're eating off the highway or at an airport, since there's not much point in eating food away that I can easily get at home. Plus there's the fact that, while out of town, my chain dining experiences tend to end with lukewarm fries, stomachaches, or ducking basketball-inspired bar fights.

The best meals I had were at Belga Café, where I wanted to try half the menu, and The Hamilton, which had great food and service in a comfortable atmosphere. For drinks, I found the beer selection at Churchkey pretty impressive.

I spent most of my days at museums, which I'll post about later. I also took a few hours here and there to write in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel. The small rooms near the bar area were full of people working or holding small meetings, but their dull workchat didn't disrupt my concentration too much.

There was one group of well-dressed men who had a loud conversation about a private subject, though. It was a little embarrassing, but thanks for the dialogue fodder about extramarital affairs, sleazy business guys!

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