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I'm a big fan of lists. I make lists of movies to see, errands to run, and general things to remember. Sometimes when I get stuck trying to decide what happens next, I brainstorm in list format, putting down each idea with a list of its possible effects on the story.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about my process in recent weeks, so I decided to make a printable checklist of the things that I do (as well as the things that I'd like to do more of) as a way to keep my main writing-related priorities in mind.

Right up top is the important part -- my word count goals for the week. Next up is my "Try To Do" list, it's full of the things I'd like to make an effort towards on a weekly basis. I left a few empty lines in this section for shorter-term projects or new ideas. Finally there's a notes section. In this week's note section, I drew a lopsided wooly mammoth. It's a note, honest.

Each checklist is half of a letter sized page, ready to be printed out and cut. The first page of the linked PDF includes my current "Try To Do" list, while the second page has blank copy of the form for your checklisting pleasure. You can download the file here:

PDF from Google Docs

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