low stress resolutions

I like the idea of marking New Year's with a plan to make some kind of change, but most years my resolutions don't last out the month. I did fairly well with one of last year's, to read more classics and nonfiction, but it's rare for me to stick with any more general resolutions.

This year I'm trying to focus on changing general habits rather than on pushing myself too much in one area. I made four resolutions, and my goal is to live up to at least one of them each day.

Here's what I'm working on:
  • write more
    This is the big one. I've noticed that the more I write, the less of it I immediately want to burn when I go back and re-read. If I want to get better, I have to keep getting words down.
  • move more
    I can't call this "exercise" or I'm going to get discouraged. I want to walk more, and do more outside. When the weather gets better, I'd like to hike some. Losing a little weight would be nice, but I'm mostly interested in increasing my endurance.
  • read better
    Reading a wide variety of books helps me come up with new ideas and put them together in different ways. I made a great start on this last year, but this year I want to try to read more from authors with a different perspective than mine. I also want to think more about what I like in fiction and why.
  • dress better
    I'm one of those "jeans and a tee" people. It started as a matter of convenience, but now it feels kind of boring and uniform-y. I'm going to start heading to the thrift stores more (there are some great local ones). I'm going to buy more skirts and more shoes that aren't sneakers.
Hopefully taking small steps in different directions will keep me from burning out or feeling so behind that I drop the whole mess. We'll see.

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