~merry christmas, happy holidaysI've had an unusual amount of holiday stress this year.

Back around Thanksgiving, I didn't think this would be a problem. We'd bought nearly half our presents and decided on most of the others.We weren't hosting anything, so it's not as if I'd need to scrub our house down for company. But somehow in the round of shopping, wrapping, shipping, making things, and figuring out a workaround for a gift I couldn't find, I've become totally frazzled.

I'm not writing enough. I'm not even reading enough, because the last thing I want to do after engaging in parking lot wars or learning that all the post offices closed at 4:30 is to curl up with the nineteenth century memoir I've got going at the moment. I want to sit down and watch a movie, or burgle the residents of Skyrim, or have a nice, quiet bath.

Half of our presents have been wrapped and sent already. I also (finally) got my Secret Santa package away. I have a very doable list of things to finish before Friday night, but I'll be glad when the weekend is here. Lazing around with my family on Christmas day is always fun, and my only real worry then will be trying to finish the gravy without resorting to a packet mix.

Today I got an unexpected ARC of a book I've been looking forward to, which was a great surprise. Starting it is going to be my present to myself when all the gifts are finished and wrapped.

Good luck to everyone who's still trying to get their own holidays in order.

photo by Megan Duong used under Creative Commons

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