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The only thing worse than getting sick on vacation is getting sick on vacation and then staying sick for an extra week just when you should be getting back into the routine of normal life. But travel memories are some of the best memories, and they'll stick around longer than these stupid germs.

We started off our Thanksgiving vacation by making a quick stop in New Orleans. We hit a few Bourbon Street places on our first night, but I preferred our time at Victory, where we had pizza, chicken satay, and some very, very good drinks. The bartender made me a new-to-me drink called The Last Word which is now my favorite thing ever. It's equal parts gin, lime juice, green Chartreuse, and maraschino liqueur. Good stuff. The next day we had brunch on Jackson Square, had a random run-in with the bartender we'd met the night before, then went to the aquarium and a couple of used bookshops. Both book stores had fairly anemic fiction collections, but were fantastic on the nonfiction front. Our hotel had a picture of a tuba player that my husband dubbed "Fat Jazz."

Next it was on to Houston for a family visit, which was soon interrupted by a terrible sore throat and then one of those colds that makes you want to sleep half the day away. This made me pretty useless for helping prepare our day-early Thanksgiving feast, but I still enjoyed eating it.

We had an early holiday meal because on Thanksgiving morning we got up really early, drove to Dallas, and went to the Cowboys game.

I'm a giant football geek, and they've been my team since I was a kid. I've spent my whole life watching the Cowboys play every Thanksgiving, so it was basically the coolest thing ever to be at one of those games. The stadium was amazing, and best of all, they won.

Dallas vs. Miami, Thanksgiving 11/24/11

After it was over, we had dinner with some friends in the area while I tried my best not to be a sickly stick in the mud, but too soon it was time for bed because the next morning we headed back to NC.

Long car trips when you aren't feeling well are less than fun, and by this time my husband was coming down with the bug as well. We made the best of it by listening to the radio and telling each other stories about the adventures of Fat Jazz, but I was really happy to make it home to my own bed and my own cat where I could sniffle in peace.

Germs or not, it was still a really, really great time.




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