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My Travel JournalI'm going on vacation soon, to see family and friends and to explore. I love to travel, but it also disrupts my usual writing routine.

When I'm on the road, I try to write every day. Sometimes all I manage are a few scribbles in the notebook I keep in my purse. If I've got more down time, I might work on a story or character background. I also describe the new places I've seen or experiences I've had. Once I sat in a museum cafe and transcribed one side of an eavesdropped cell phone conversation, because I was really fascinated by how this caller was willing to talk so loudly to her friend about a highly personal problem even though she was in a public place.

Traveling is great for creativity, I just need to keep it from killing my current momentum. I've got my big journal, a smaller notebook, and the short story I'm working on loaded up on my laptop. I'm all packed, and I think I'm good to go.

travel journal image by Lajon Tanganco used under Creative Commons

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