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KindlingAmazon has just announced that library users can now check out Kindle books through Overdrive, the site that many library systems already use to distribute ebooks and audiobooks. Kindle-format library books can be checked out for seven days.

Here's how to get started:
  • Visit your library's website, find the link for ebooks (it might say something like "digital downloads"), and sign in. If you don't have a login for your library's website, call or stop by your local branch and a librarian can help you.
  • Search for the books you're interested in, or browse the lists of available titles. Yes, Overdrive's got all the charm and functionality of a late 1990s e-commerce site. No, you can't easily filter out the EPUB and audiobook formats that they also have. But hey, they're free.
  • When you see a book you want, double check that "Kindle Book" is one of the download options. If a Kindle copy is available, there will be a link that says "Add to Cart" beneath the book information. After adding a book to your cart, you can continue browsing or check the book out immediately.
  • If all copies of the book you're interested in are checked out, you can click "place a hold" to get on that book's wait list. The library will email you when the book is ready for you.
  • After checking your books out, there will be a link to download them that directs you to Amazon. If you need them later, these links can be found on your library's download site by selecting "My Checked Out Items" under the "My Downloads Account" link.
  • If you have a Kindle 3 and wi-fi access, just turn your Kindle's wi-fi connection on and click the button on the right side of the screen to send the library book to your Kindle. If you've got an older generation Kindle or no wi-fi access, choose the drop-down option under that button to transfer your library book via USB and then follow Amazon's instructions.
  • Checked out library books can be found on the regular "Manage Your Kindle" page on Amazon's website, so if you had trouble with your download for any reason, you can try it again from there.
If your library doesn't offer Kindle books, be sure to let a librarian know that you're interested in them! Librarians love you and want you to be happy.

photo by Windell H. Oskay,, used under Creative Commons

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