lately I've been dreaming about snow

I never thought I'd say, "I wish it was winter."

I don't like the cold. At first I'm fine with snuggling up inside and wearing too many layers when I go outside, and I love the occasional snow day where, since I live in the south, we don't have to do a damn thing but watch movies and drink hot chocolate. But the dark, short days get to me sometime in mid-February, and I get restless. I want to go places without a sweater and coat and scarf and gloves. I want to walk out to the mailbox without putting my shoes on. I want bright days when I don't have to rush between my car and any door in sight. I get grumpy and tired.

That's a lot like how I've been feeling in recent weeks. We get occasional breaks in the weather, but they're just long enough to make me remember how nice it would have been to sit on restaurant patios or visit city parks during more of the long summer afternoons. I'm fortunate because I spend nearly all of my time in air conditioning, but the heat still sneaks in around the edges. The humidity still makes the air around me unpleasantly thick. I still feel kind of drained.

So I sit inside with my iced tea and my poor overworked air conditioner, and I think about how today would be a great day to start reading that biography of a polar explorer that I picked up. I'm probably going to take a nap instead.

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