my feet will probably be attacked any minute now

Artemis the cat is caught up in some type of stalking game that only he understands the rules for. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to actually react or just sit here and ignore him while he creeps closer, but I know I'm not playing the game properly because he keeps giving me dubious looks.

It's been weeks since the little goof hurt himself scrambling away from his mortal enemy, the Dread Beast Vacuum. He had trouble putting weight on one hind leg for the first night, was stiff for the second day, and then seemed back to normal.

His vet said it was most likely something like a strain or a sprain, nothing too serious. It was still a pretty scary couple of days. I was so scared that even while he was shredding my arms in an attempt not to go into the cat carrier for his vet visit, I was still making "poor baby" noises at him rather than cursing. The thing that finally made me feel better was when the vet made fun of Artemis for hissing at us during the exam. If my cat was still fair game for jokes, then things couldn't be all that bad.

Even now I wince a little when I see him bolting around the house like a crazy cat or jumping from one chair to another, and then I stop and think about how happy I am that he can bolt around the house like a crazy cat.

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