my brain is still in vacation mode

Last Friday night, I was in a bar that opened up onto Pensacola Beach, toasting an about-to-be-married couple with some kind of mint-flavored milkshake that also involved rum. That trip, the twelve hour drive on either end of it, and the germs I picked up somewhere along the way are the reasons for my recent blogging break.

My husband and I went down for the wedding of a friend we've kept in touch with since our Texas days (which don't feel nearly as long ago as they actually were). We hung out with a lot of folks we only see once or twice a year, met some fun new people, and hit that perfect level of shenanigans where things get kind of crazy but nobody ends up hurt or in trouble.

We didn't make it any easier on ourselves by climbing a freaking lighthouse on the day of the wedding. I realized halfway up that my legs were going to be exhausted, not the smartest decision for someone who'd be dancing at a reception just a few hours later. That party is already a blur of music and laughing and people in pretty clothes in my memory, and I forgot to get a piece of cake.

The drive home made me appreciate once again how awesome my husband is. We were tired and cranky and achy and somehow still cracking ridiculous jokes about the names of the towns we passed.

Here's a view from the top of the lighthouse:

view from the lighthouse

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