it's new who time

The new season of Doctor Who begins tonight, and I'm pretty excited. Viewers here in the US are finally getting the new episode on the same day it airs in the UK, so anyone with BBC America can check out the full, uncut episode at 9pm Eastern. BBCA has a track record of editing down some rerun episodes of Doctor Who to fit in more commercials, so be sure to watch or record the first airing to be on the safe side.

If you've never seen the show, give it a try anyway. Don't worry about not having watched it before. The Doctor is an alien, he adventures through space and time in a little blue box that's bigger on the inside, and he usually has one or more humans along for the ride. When faced with something that would kill a human, the Doctor regenerates, he gets a new face and different personality. There have been three different actors in the role since the new series started, and the current Doctor, Matt Smith, is my favorite. The show is pretty good about bringing new viewers up to speed in its season premieres, and like the original series, most of the stories are still enjoyable even to people who aren't familiar with all the continuity.

As eager as I am for the new episode, it's also a sad time for Who fans. Elizabeth Sladen, who played my first and favorite companion, Sarah Jane Smith, passed away this week. Sarah Jane was an original series regular, but also showed up a few times in the new series and even got her own spinoff show meant for younger audiences. Sladen spent much of her time in the TARDIS with the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, and he posted a tribute to the actress on his website.

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