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Last month, I posted about yWriter, which I've been using to work on my novel. It's the writing program I use most often, but sometimes I feel more minimalistic. I used to fire up Notepad when I wanted to get some quick thoughts down or draft something that didn't fit in the main structure of the book. Then I discovered Q10.

Q10 is a full-screen text editor that's the perfect way for me to shake up my writing routine. The font and colors are customizable, but the default gray background sometimes helps me focus because it looks so different from the other programs I use.

For a simple little program, it has a lot of features. You can choose to show things like your word count and number of pages in the status bar, or just get rid of the status bar entirely. It includes a timer, word count goals, and autosave functions. You can quickly move around between any line that begins with two periods, which is useful for working with long documents. It's also small enough to fit on a USB stick, so it's great for something like a quick weekend trip to visit family.

Did I mention it's free? You can get it here:

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