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Just as I returned from last week's trip, I got hit with some bug that's kept me miserable for days. I'd planned to spend the weekend doing laundry, straightening up, and getting my brain out of vacation mode. Instead, I curled up on the couch under a mound of blankets, drank gallons of juice, and watched re-runs of The A-Team and Jem. I'm not exactly recovered, but this morning I'm feeling coherent enough to try to work a little. I've decided to ease myself back into productivity by taking on one of my favorite subjects - the villains.

I've been meaning to detail more backstory for my main villains for a couple of months now. I'm reaching the point where it's important to characterize their leader more deeply than "dangerous adversary," and that means getting a better handle on the group as a whole. They're tough and cold, and they've been through a lot to get where they are. They have only themselves to depend on. They tend to feel like they're more honest than most of their society, because they aren't so wrapped up in protocol and politics.

It's going to be another one of those days where most of what I write doesn't make it in to the book, but this type of background stuff is really helpful to me. Working out a bunch of ideas is also a more practical goal for today than trying to make medication-influenced prose turn out well.

Here's today's musical inspiration for the villains:

I'm sure the fact that this Donnas song reminds me a little of the Misfits from Jem is a total coincidence.

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  1. I find that background sort of stuff really helpful as well. In fact, I think most of what I'm writing right now is background, or exploratory scenes that will never end up in the book. I actually read something the other day about how 90% of what we write will never be read by others, because it's background stuff. I don't know about the numbers, but it seems that a lot of people have that same need to work out the behind the scenes stuff on paper.

  2. Between background detail and the stuff that gets chopped in my occasional "oh wait, that part sucks" editing sprees, that 90% is probably pretty accurate for me right now.


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