things I like: zombie-fighting sharks

I watch a lot of horror movies, especially the ones that involve zombies or killer animals. Yes, I am a sucker for every single made-for-television cheesy monster movie. Whoever it is that sits around coming up with stories about shark-octopus hybrids or prehistoric crocodiles needs to keep doing that forever.

But as much as I will watch awkward CGI creatures with really shiny skin textures do battle every Saturday night (preferably with a six pack of good beer on hand), I'm not sure if my favorite monster scene can ever be topped:

In Zombie (also known as Zombi 2 or sometimes even Zombie Flesh Eaters), there's a zombie that fights a shark. It's a real shark, and the trainer wrestles it while wearing zombie makeup. There's no good outcome for the shark here. Either it gets mauled, swims off, and becomes a zombie, or it eats the zombie attacker and still gets infected from the meat in its stomach. Either way, it's going to start lurching around the ocean spreading that stuff around.

We'd better hope that sharks are immune to the zombie infection, or else we're all going to need a bigger boat.

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