writing is scary

365.93Some days, I have this fit of "who the hell am I to be writing a book?"

I also put off starting this blog for a couple of months after settling on the idea, because who the hell am I to be writing about writing a book? It's not like I know what I'm doing. I haven't finished the draft. I haven't proven to myself that I'm capable of writing a book - any book - let alone a decent one.

I'm trying not to edit too much until after I'm done with the entire first draft. I guess that's an attempt to keep forward momentum during those times when I have much forward momentum going on. I do re-read a few earlier scenes at least once a week, though. I tell myself that I do it to help keep the tone consistent, but I find it happening more often when I'm in doubt-mode so it probably also has something to do with convincing myself that the story doesn't completely suck and I don't suck for writing something that sucks so bad.

I know that it needs a lot of work. Still, there are some parts that I enjoy looking back on, and I have a few sentences, here and there, that I'm actually proud of. It's enough for now.

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