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Books on the grocery store shelvesYesterday night, we visited the Wake County Library Booksale on its first night. In previous years, the sale has been held in vacant retail stores, most recently a grocery store where they just stacked books on the empty fixtures.

This year, it's in a building at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. It's a few days shorter than it used to be (making it less likely that I'll make multiple trips), but the big, open room they're using is more comfortable than the crowded grocery store aisles. I have to say I didn't miss needing to navigate around endless shopping carts to look at the books. Some folks brought wagons and small carts of their own, but I only saw a few of those.

As always, we bought more than I'd intended, but the money all goes to support the library. My new stash includes:
Those are the things I'm most excited about, though we came home with a whole shopping bag full of stuff. Most of what we got was in great shape and had no library markings at all. I could have easily grabbed at least twice what we brought home, but it's not like my to-read list isn't long enough already!
    I didn't stay as long as I might have, because it's tricky and annoying when you and twenty other people are all trying to browse the same section. The sale is likely to get even more busy over the weekend as the prices go down and shoppers from the Fairgrounds flea market drop in. The new location seems like a mixed blessing, because while it really is a better space, I wish the sale was on for longer, including more weekdays, so I could have picked a time when there were fewer people there. I'm probably more sensitive to crowds than some, though, because my funky allergies to perfume and colognes kept making me need to escape some of my fellow shoppers.

    The sale runs through February the 20th, so if you're near the Triangle area in NC, it's worth checking out.

    photo of the fall 2009 book sale by Selena N. B. H. used under Creative Commons

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