saturday night sugargeddon

Milk Carton Cream & SugarI'm feeling really sluggish today.

Last night, we met some folks out for dinner at a nice restaurant. Between the appetizers and entrees, we were all fairly stuffed, but our server came out and gave us all fresh silverware after dinner. I remember thinking, "wow, we aren't planning on dessert, so I'm a bit surprised she set all this out for us before checking."

A few minutes later, our table was full of sugary goodness. I wondered if this was some kind of extra-aggressive version of showing you the dessert tray, but after explaining what each dish was, the servers left. They left us alone with more dessert plates than we had diners. One of the guys we were with had a completely unexpected friends-and-family connection with a restaurant employee, and that had apparently earned us a full-on dessert ambush.

Everyone at the table was stuffed, and I'm not ordinarily a big fan of sweets. Each one of the plates was the size that my husband and I would typically split on the rare occasions we order dessert. My plan was to taste one forkful of everything, and I hoped that between us we would all make enough of a dent in all those pretty-looking plates to show our appreciation for the generosity. But maybe you've heard that old saying that no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy?

The problem with my "one bite per dessert" strategy was that everything was delicious. Soon we were all passing around banana pudding and coffee custard, and trying to decide if chocolate cake worked with peanut butter ice cream. My husband and I were practically hoarding the passionfruit sorbet. One of my friends, who usually sticks to a fairly restrictive diet, ordered us all a second pineapple upside down cake.

The post-dessertcalyptic sugar crash hit me fast and hard. I'm still full. I doubt if I'll be able to manage much of my traditional Super Bowl Sunday snacking. I'm not sure if I ever want to have that much dessert again in my life, but it was really, really fun.

photo from Sarah Blackstock used under Creative Commons

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