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My fixation on current events can sometimes lead to unnecessary stress. There are times when I have to remind myself that knowing about everything that's going on in the world isn't a reasonable goal for a woman with a book to write and a life to live.

As a news junkie who's also fantasy fan, I'm totally in love with The Fantasy World News Network - a site that translates our news into fantasy world headlines. It seems like a great way to spark the imagination, and it also might provide a dose of much-needed perspective when I hit information overload. The next time a friend asks me what's going on in the world, I'm going to tell them that "the ultra-loose monetary policy of the Orcish Empire is setting the stage for a realm credit war."

Those who like their swords made out of lasers rather than steel might prefer the Sci-Fi News.

[found via Paperback Writer]

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